Everett Rock Videos just added to YouTube from this past weekend
Bridge The Jethro Tull Experience with Paul Forrest The Jethro Tull Experience with Paul Forrest
"E.T.I." (Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) "Bourée" "Nothing Is Easy"
The Jethro Tull Experience with Paul Forrest Hysteria - Def Leppard Tribute Hysteria - Def Leppard Tribute
"Aqualung" "Rocket"  "Pour Some Sugar On Me"
Friday  November 27, 2015               Live Music Schedule
Wild Hare Bar & Grill  Tony V's Garage  Substation  Tim Noah Thumbnail Theater
Darrell's Tavern  Club 170
Balls & Whistles  Rocko's Fireside
Saturday  November 28, 2015               Live Music Schedule
Oxford Saloon  Conway Pub  Darrell's Tavern  Evelyn’s Tavern
Tony V's Garage  Tim Noah Thumbnail Theater  Substation  Cliffhanger Sports Bar/Rest.
Canoes Cabaret  Balls & Whistles
Flight's Pub
Mel's Old Village Pub
Sunday  November 29, 2015               Live Music Schedule
Tim's Tavern  Station House  Twin Rivers Brewing Co.  Darrell's Tavern
Wild Hare Bar & Grill   Twin Rivers Brewing Co.  Tony V's Garage
    M Conway Pub  Collectors Choice  Twin Rivers Brewing Co.
Monday  November 30, 2015               Live Music Schedule
Liquid Lime
Tuesday  December 1, 2015               Live Music Schedule
Tim's Tavern on 105th  Madison Ave Pub 
Engel’s Pub 
Wednesday  December 2, 2015               Live Music Schedule
Tony V's Garage  Darrell's Tavern  Collectors Choice  Substation
      Rocko's Fireside
Thursday  December 3, 2015               Live Music Schedule
  Flights Pub  Oxford Saloon  
 Sound Check Bar & Grill  
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